Smartphone & Tablet Repair Services


Smartphone Repair

Smart phones are our main technology device, we probably depend on it daily.  Smart phones are no longer only used to contact family and friends and talk to t, you can use them to check latest news, emails, shopping, alerts, pictures and media storage, record happy and sad moments on the go, social media feeds and news and keep adding new applications for our business and daily use.

So imaging if this device got stolen, lost, stopped working correctly or damaged, we don’t want to know, if  it is stolen or lost you might need to file a police report, but we can help you if it is damaged or stopped working as it should, we understand how important to get it fixed quick. We at Sakki (NYCell) have the quick fix for your smart phone or tablet and in most cases while you wait. Our technicians are trained to fix a vast range of Smartphone and tablets models so that you are connected to the world and your loved ones without much of down time or missing any good news or feeds.

We work on almost all models of smart phones and tablets


No matter what Smartphone or tablet you are using, our trained technicians will diagnose and provide estimate on the work before fixing the device. You can bring to our location in Farmingdale and also you can call for pricing (516) 293 1609

Affordable rates and quality service brings lots of loyal customers and we want you to join our list.