Every time I call Sakki Computers,  no matter who answers the phone, I feel that I’m the “customer of the year.” This company not only has superior service, but their 24/7 online support is one of the best deals I’ve ever seen! They are their for us when our business needs them the most. I can’t say enough about this company.

Mitchell Lieberman

www.onewayfurniture.com - CEO

Sakki Computers repair service has solved each of the issues that have come up. The response time has been extremely quick and the problems are solved without wasting any time transporting the computer. By allowing the PC Remote Repair technician direct access to the computer it eliminates the usual hassle of trying to figure out what the technician is asking you to do to your computer. I for one can never remember which is the “backward slash” key! I highly recommend this service.

Dana Eaton, Nassau Appraisal

Garden City, NY

My computer had several glitches and several unprotected viruses. I called Sakki Computers and while sitting in my own home at my computer, their technical support talked me through each of the steps required to allow him to control my computer from his support center. During this procedure, he was able to go through many of my computer problems and discover some that I was unaware of. Within a very short time, my computer was back on line. It has ran faster and trouble free since then. I was pleased not only by the efficiency of PC Remote Repair in repairing my computer, but also the ...

Lou Ruggiero

Farmingdale NY